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Crafting brands from the inner core — uncovering the heart and soul of your business.

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Uncovering the heart of your business

I'm Neha, the founder of the Studio. With over 7 years of experience, I've guided a diverse range of businesses, from Australia's leading brands to soulful start-ups, in expressing their authentic essence.

I'm here to guide you as we embark on a journey deep into the heart of your business, unearthing your core identity and transforming it into something truly remarkable.

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Branding rooted in purpose & intent

Discover the power of purpose-driven branding, where every element is rooted in meaning and designed intentionally.

Strategic Brand Design

First impressions matter, and a brand that is visually stunning and conceptually rich exudes confidence, capturing the hearts of its audience. From striking logos to print and digital collateral, ensure  every element harmoniously reflects your brand's core, leaving a long-lasting impression. Our strategic toolkit guides every aspect of your brand, helping you attract and retain your audience, establish a profound connection, and build enduring trust.

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Visioning + Storytelling

Unlock the power of storytelling to breathe life and character into your brand. Diving deep into your core 'why' to articulate your brand's unique narrative, helping you connect authentically with your audience. This offering combines creative storytelling with a strategic edge.

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Social Media Design

Take your social media presence to the next level through tailored social media guides and templates that exude consistency and confidence. You'll see a boost in your online presence, fostering meaningful connections with your dream audience, driving real engagement.

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